Matthew Mugo Fields

Matthew Mugo Fields, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Supplemental and Intervention Solutions

Matthew has devoted his career to transforming education and ensuring that academic success is attainable for students of all backgrounds. He joined HMH in 2017 and leads the development and strategy of the company’s supplemental and intervention solutions. Prior to HMH, Matthew worked at McGraw-Hill Education, overseeing strategy, operations, marketing, and product development for a suite of adaptive learning programs. Matthew also founded education startups – Redbird Advanced Learning, a personalized learning company that developed next generation math and language arts adaptive digital curricula and online teacher professional learning programs; and Rocket Group, the United States’ largest provider of in-school tutoring, which served students in 140 school systems across 20 states. He holds a dual master's degree in business and education from Harvard University and is an honors graduate of Morehouse College.